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One-shot: All alone

Title: All alone
Genre:Romance, Horror
Rating:PG -13
Pairing:Tegomass (mostly Tegoshi)
Disclaimer:Hi everyone.I just created this account recently. I've been wanting to write fanfics for a long time a this is my very first time. I hope you guys will be supportive and feel free to give any feedback. :)
I do not own any of them. I only own the story.
Summary:It was a usual day at work. After a long and tiring rehearsal, everyone in NEWS washed up, and got ready to leave. All except for Tegoshi. He drifted into a slumber after being too tired. After waking, he realized that he was all alone in the dressing room, with no way out...

Word count: 1,961

Tegoshi opened his eyes to look around him. His surrounding was too familiar; the row after rows of outfits, the changing room, the sofa he was laying on. He was in NEWS's dressing room. Dammit, he thought to himself. He had actually fallen asleep after rehearsal, while preparing to wash up. He had never did that before, he was full of energy, and was unlike him to be tired. The rehearsal was exhasuting, true, the dance step drained his energy and the choreographer made them repeat it many times. Or maybe it was that he had been to busy with work lately that he didn't get enough sleep. Either way, he had fallen asleep by accident far too long, and when he woke up there was no one in sight. He was surprised that no one noticed him, but could not really blame them; it was his own fault for falling asleep, and he had taken the sofa in the isolated corner of the room.

The dressing room looked so different without the prescence of the other members of NEWS, the usual buzz and chatter, Masuda working out his muslces or stuffing his mouth with gyozas, or Koyama chatting away with Shige, or their manager nagging and issuing commands at them to hurry up. The place looked eerie, or so Tegoshi thought himself. He recalled the ghastly rumours about the studio that Yamapi and Ryo used to tell him back when they were in NEWS. Tegoshi tried to push away those thoughts. They would make him more frightened than he already was.

Tegoshi went to take a shower and get changed. While in the shower, he felt an uneasy feeling and that someone was watching him. He paid no attention to it. It was just his imagination, he said to himself. After washing up, he packed his stuff, and got ready to leave the studio. As he reached the main door of the studio, he tried opening it. The doorknob didn't move; it was locked. Right, the manager would lock the studio door every after work. Nevertheless, Tegoshi tried again but failed. Trying a few more times, he started to panic. How was he going to get out? He reached into his pocket, taking out his phone to call manager-san to get him out. However, his phone battery was dead, and the screen was blank. Great, why is he so screwed up lately? First, being so tired that he fell asleep and now even forgetting to charge his phone? Tegoshi looked around him, trying to find a way out or to get someone's attention to rescue him. His heart started to beat faster. He didn't want to spend the night in the studio, and then someone would rescue him in the morning. Would he even survive the night? He knew the rumours too well and knew what would happen to him if he was here all alone at night.

After pacing around for about half an hour, he gave up on anything possible. He knew that he would have to spend the night in here, and endure every moment till morning. As the sun began to set, the place grew dim and darkness took its place. Soon enough, it was night. The moonlight casted its eerie glow through the windows, and forming spooking shadows on the objects in the studio.

In the dressing room, Tegoshi curled up in a ball on the couch. All the lights were turned on such that he wouldn't feel so scared. He had figured that he would spend the night in the dressing room, as there was a couch where he could sleep on, and was where he felt safest. While curling up on the couch, he waited for time to pass, and continued to think of a way to get out, or even hoped for a miracle to happened. Knowing that any of that was useless, and he was tired, he just lay on the sofa, and drifted into sleep.

He wasn't sure that what had woken him, but he was wide awake, suddenly not feeling sleepy at all. He looked around him; the lights were somehow turned off, and the clock showed 12 midnight, while the seconds hand kept ticking, together with a rhythmic ticking sound. The moon casted spooky shadows of swaying branches, which seemed to form a devilish grin at him. The atmosphere of the room had completely changed; it felt as though a hundred pairs of evil eyes were glaring at him from every inch of the wall malevolently. Tegoshi suppressed a shiver and got up, needing to use the wash room. As he entered the wash room where he had his shower eariler, he could hear the slow dripping the tap. He ignored it and continued with whatever he was doing. Suddenly, he heard the sound of the cubical door opening. It was sound slow, soft, and made the sound of creaking wood. Tegoshi froze; it couldn't be the wind. He barely felt the breeze in here. The door continued opening as if someone was slowly pushing it open. Luckily, Tegoshi was done with his business and he ran out, not caring about washing his hand. He tried to turn on the lights in the dressing room. As he fingered the switch, nothing happened. He tried again, but gave up, sitting on the couch. He sat still, trying to forget what just happened. He searched his bag for anything that could help him with his ordeal, but nothing seemed to be of help. Suddenly, he felt something wet and sticky inside. He immediately pulled his hand out, and looked at the liquid. He knew from the texture of it, as well as the smell, that it was blood. Cold sweat formed on Tegoshi's face, and wanted to scream out loud, but no sound came out of his throat. He frantically took out the handkerchief in his bag, desperately trying to wipe off the blood. He had enough. He was a big scardey cat, in fact, the biggest in NEWS. He was never able to stand much of horror stuff, and gets frightened most easily, just like the time in Ya-yah-yah show. He really wanted to just get out of this place, and be in the safety of his own home.

Just then, something grabbed him from underneath the couch; it felt very much like a hand. Tegoshi really screamed this time, filling the entire dressing room. He ran out, and hearing footsteps other than his own. He kept running, not caring about stopping. He ran to a corner, and hid there. He sobbed, and sobbed. Why did this have to happen to him? What had he done to deserve this living hell? He had been mischievious and played pranks on his group's members, yes, but they didn't seem to mind much as those pranks were pretty harmless. Then, god why? He thought. He continued crying, and a devilish, child-like laughter pierced through the slience of the studio. The laughter got closer with each passing second, tormenting Tegoshi. As the sound drew closer, Tegosi could make out a faint green glow in the far corner which was headed in his direction. Before long, the light was close to him, and Tegoshi made out the most horrible, most gruesome sight he ever laid eyes on. It was a young girl, probably around 4 years old, hair tied into ponytails. A tattered clown top draped over her, together with stained striped leggings. Her skin was in bad condition, with brusies and cuts, with blood splattered all over her. Her face was surprisingly pure and perfect, with delicate features which twisted into a disgusting, malevolent smile. Her eyes were cold and deathly, and stared directly at Tegoshi. Her arms are raised; one was holding a kitchen knife, the other was holding a butcher knife. Though the knives seemed to be too big for her to hold, she swinged it around with ease. Just then, Tegoshi noticed the necklace on her neck. It was more like a string, with chopped human fingers of different length. Tegoshi opened his eyes wide, shivers were sent down his spine and fear had him rooted to his place not moving as the girl inched slowly and intently closer towards him. Tegoshi could only stare and pray she would go away, he was trapped and there was no esacpe. When the girl was right in front of him, her lips twisted into a sadistic grin, raised both her knives and let out an evil laugh which sounded much like the one previously, and a cruel voice came from her mouth, "Hey. Let's play!" With that, she brought down both her weapons down on him.

Tegoshi woke up in cold sweat. It was just a dream he thought. The lights of the dressing room were still on. Then, he looked at the clock. It showed 12 mindight. Tegoshi sat up, not wanting to go back to sleep. He had remembered his dream so vividly and wished for it to get out of his mind. He counldn't stand the sight in his dream, or the sound, or the experience. He curled up into a ball as tears ran down his cheeks. He wanted to get out of this ordeadlsoon. He wanted all of this to end. He wished that none of this had happened to him. He stayed that way for some time, before he started hearing footsteps again. He wailed loudly this time. He knew what was coming. He knew it's purpose. It was hopeless, he thought. He just accepeted whatever that was coming his way. He was wanted the torment to end. Unexpectedly, he heard a familiar voice, "Tegoshi?"

He called back, and had never been so happy to hear his voice. "Massu!"

The voice called back "Tegoshi!" as the door sprang opened. Tegohsi ran straight into Massu's arm, making the older boy nearly lose his balance.

"Tegoshi, are you okay?"

"Massu." Tegoshi said in between sobs, not replying his question, "Don't ever leave me. Ever" and hugged Massu even tighter. He felt a pair of strong arms around him, comforting him.

They stood in each other's embrace for awhile, letting Tegoshi's tears wet Massu's shirt. Both of them said nothing. Finally, Tegoshi calmed down, and asked, "Why did you come back Massu?"

Not letting go of Tegoshi, Masuda said softly, "Well, when i reached home, i had this uneasy feeling that something was not right. At first, i ignored it. But later, i remembered that you fell alseep, and didn't remember you leaving together with us. So i decided to call you. When you didn't pick your phone, i got worried and went to manager-san's place to getthe keys and i came back looking for you."

"Oh, i see." Tegoshi simply said, not caring for any explanation, just wanting comfort from the other boy.

"But i dont understand. Why are you crying like this? Did something happened?" Continued Masuda.

Tegoshi replied, embarrassed. "Well, Ryo and Pi told me some stupid ghost rumours about the studio, and caused
me to have nightmares." Masuda just laughed, "You are really a baka, Tesshi. You know those rumours aren't real, right? Anyways, you are the biggest scaredy cat of NEWS, so i'm not surprised. But don't worry Tesshi, i will be by your side and protect you in the future, and forver."

"Yeah." Tegoshi sighed, lost for words, with a slight blush on his cheek.

"Ne, then lets head back home now shall we?" Massu said cheerfull, grabbing Tegoshi's arm along.

When the went out of they building, they walked with hands intertwined, as there was no one in sight. Tegoshi whispered, "I love you, Massu"

Massu smiled. "I love you too, Tego."

The end.

Here is the link to the show i was talking about. Tegoshi's reaction were so big. Haha :D
Part1 -
Part2 -
Tags: c: masuda/tegoshi, r: pg-13

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