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Fanfic: A little KoyaShige Love

Title: Koyama x Shige - Part 1
Rating: G
Pairing: KoyaShige
Genre: Comedy
Length: 576 words
Summary: Koyama and Shige discuss a vital point in their relationship.
Comment: I'm doing this for the first time. I mean: writing a NewS fanfiction, writing a fanfiction in English (I did the translation with my little sister *hugs her*), posting a fanfiction... ^^° This is meant to make people laugh. I hope it worked. ^^°

Koyama x Shige

Or: Let's try at least


Part 1: Communication

(Scenario: *angst angst angst*)



Shige was sitting is his room in half-light, and he was mad. Frowning he stared into space and his thoughts were even darker than the color of his black leather couch.

 How could he have dared?



He would not care about that now! This... this Koyama was nothing special after all! Why was he concerned about this stupid guy in the first place?

 He stood up energetically und exactly at the same moment the door burst open and an also obviously furious Koyama rushed in, grabbed for Shiges collar und hissed: "You..."

 However, Shige reacted with an irritated outcry and stroke Koyama back, who instantly began to stumble backwards (of course he did! Such long legs cannot be coordinated by anyone) and was on the verge of falling. So Shige grasped his bandmembers wrist to pull him back. But since hight is necesserily accompanied by weight, Shige couldn’t manage to keep his balance. Both men fell and before Shige even realized, his face was only millimetres away from Koyama's. He looked into those brown, almond-shaped eyes of his friend and fought back that familiar urge he had all too often being close to Koyama.

 So he gulped and then said in a low, rough voice:


 Baby, …

 Be My Baby…"


 Koyama kept silent for a moment... and than he bursted out laughing.

 Now also Shige allowed the corner of his moth to twitch a little. "Gosh, Koyama! You just ruined everything!"

 He gave his friend a hand and helped him up. "You IDIOT!" << Baby, be my baby>>??? Have you gone completely stupid? How am I supposed to stay serious this way?"

 "Well, you could have tried at least..." But suddenly Shige got serious again. Lightly he punched against Koyama’s shoulder. "Anyway, what kind of appearance were you making before?"

 Koyama frowned. "That's what I wanted to ask you! I mean: angsty hanging around and brooding, rounded off with an aggressive glare... That's not the way!"

 You are the one to talk with your dramatic entrance!!! What's not the way for an uke to behave!"

 Koyama blinked. "Why uke?"

 "Well, you are the uke, right?"

 "Since when am I the uke?"

 Since ever?"

 "Is it possible that you are sligthly stupid? I'm older! Knock knock! Someone in?"

 Shige just shrug. "So what? I've got the deeper voice."

 "I'm taller!"

 "I talk less."

 "That may be the case. But still..."

 Shige sighed. "Come on, Koyama. Do I really look like an uke? I've got no uke-ish hair. And my field of study is definitively more seme-ish." Koyama opened his mouth to answer but Shige just closed his lips with one hand and added intentionaly slow: "AND I was on top just now..."

 Koyama threw himself onto the couch with a thud. "Oh come on! Could we at least have a fair janken contest?"





 "See? Completely U-K-Eish!"

 "You... you... lawyer!"

 Shige smirked. "Right... want to have a drink?"

 "Coffee would just do. Anyway: you are an evil lawyer! Completely different from Hokaben!"
"I know. I'm just a good actor."
"Don't think too highly of yourself. Till now, you were barely saying two words."
"You are the one to speak! You're just acting in one episode for every drama!"
"Hey! That hurt!"
"But it's true."
"Someday I will get my own drama..."


Tags: *drabble, a: ki_el, c: kato/koyama, r: g

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