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{oneshot} just stay a while more ; shigepi

TITLE: Just Stay A While More

PAIRING: Yamashita Tomohisa x Kato Shigeaki (established)


DISCLAIMER: Do not own.

GENRE: Smut, fluff

NOTES: Happy birthday, jarithka <3 This is stupidly fluffy and I know you like your angst but... well. Have some fluff? XD

SUMMARY: Shige really, really doesn't want Yamapi to go to work.

Yamapi laughs lightly and throws his towel to the side, crawling up the bed to kiss Shige softly.

[Oneshot] One Moment

Title: One Moment
Author: Cherribells
Pairing: Tegomass
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Friendship
Summary: The real reason Massu hugged Tegoshi at the end of the Tegomass no Mahou tour.
A/N: Fic requested by aoibuta. I hope you love it dear! I did the best I could. There are so many ways you can go about with the song, "We Are One" by Westlife. Please enjoy!

( There was something even more he wanted to accomplish... )

[Oneshot] Bittersweet Days

Title: Bittersweet Days
Author: Cherribells
Pairing: Koyama-centric, KoyaShige/Tegomass
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Summary: With Koyama not being careful, the NEWS members (or Shige) decided to take away what he loves the most.
A/N: This was Ouran High School Host Club inspired.  Honey-senpai reminded me so much of Koyama when it came to sweets so I just HAD to write this! There may be parts that are similar in the anime so please take that into consideration while reading this. Also! This is my first KoyaShige fic! O: Exciting even though it’s mainly Koyama-centric XD Please enjoy!

( As much as he didn’t want to say it, Shige had no choice but to suggest the impossible. )

[Oneshot] That Enchanted Place

Title: That Enchanted Place
Author: Cherribells
Pairing: Tegomass
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Summary: Winnie the Pooh scenarios, Tegomass-style
A/N: I’m sure everyone watched the Life of NEWS DVD already. If not, you should! And after having an off day with my summer class, I cheered myself up and was inspired by the Tegomass Shipper FB page to write a little something. I also looked up some quotes by A.A. Milne and altered them a bit for the fic ^^;;;

( "I just wanted to be sure of you." )