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we'll never forget...

NEWS fanfiction

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wasurenaisa is the community for NEWS fanfiction! Any and all fanfics that include NEWS members can be posted here.

We do not have any affiliation with NEWS or Johnny's & Associates. Works posted here are only works of fiction and not based in reality.

If we see any of the following rules broken, we will notify you in your post.
If you don't fix the problem yourself, we reserve the right to delete your entry.
Multiple violations of our rules may result in being banned from the community.

» This is a friendly community. Let's try to keep the peace and be civil to each other. No bashing or flaming. (If you feel you've been wronged, please report it to a mod rather than wank about it, thank you.)

» Given the nature of this fandom, please realize that there will be a lot of yaoi/boylove/slash/etc. Don't like it, don't read it.

» All fanfics must be placed under an lj-cut.

» Type normally (not LyK Diz), and do not change the default font colors or type face of your post. Remember that what might look good to you might be blinding on somebody else's layout. Besides, we're all writers here, so we understand the benefits of standardized text, right? If you are a Rich Text user, check out this HTML tutorial.

» When posting, please use the following format:

» Tag your entries! This is beneficial for you, as readers will be able to find your fic when they search through the tag archives for stories they want to read. We do have tag mods, but they are here to help fix mistakes, not do it for you.

» Stories with an R rating must be members-locked, as there are people browsing who may be under 18 years of age. Please comply with this to prevent the community from being deleted.

» Advertisements are allowed as long as they are related to NEWS, fanfiction, and do not include banners (see below).

» Fanfic and/or advertising banners are not allowed. Introduction posts are also not allowed (if you want to introduce yourself, do it along with a fic post).

» Please do not make multiple posts within rapid succession of each other. Just edit your original post; if you have multiple fics, you can put them all in one entry.

useful links
» Voice your questions, suggestions, concerns in the mod's corner.
» See a breakdown of our tagging policy, as well as an explanation of how to tag your entry.
» Frequently Asked Questions.
» Past moderators' posts and announcements.


Please feel free to contact the maintainers (at wasurenaisa.lj@gmail.com or individually) with any questions or concerns you have!

FOUNDERS (retired)
mknsen08 & randomsheets

dephi — scarleticity@gmail.com

where_wordsfail (tags)
alkoi (tags, moderator)
rockthecliche (tags)
fangirlism_era (tags)
carmine_pink (tags)

Layout thanks to greenberryhair (with original code by snubbly).

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