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Ryo/Shige: The ocean between us

Title: The ocean between us
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: Ryo/Shige
Genre: Angstish romance
Raiting: G
Disclaimer: I don't own them or know them.
Summary: While Shige travels the world for a year, Ryo feels left behind. In the end, will their paths be entwined again or only grow further apart?
Note: Unbeta-ed
Words: 2200

( And with that, Ryo thinks, the chapter of him and Shige is closed, their paths forever separated. )
Sho Cat

Ryo/Shige: I fell for you like a child

Title: I fell for you like a child
Author: vinyaromeniel 
Pairing: RyoShige
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: Do not own. (..yet xD)
Summary: Shige realizes he is in love with Ryo. Naturally, he does not want to admit it even though Koyama points out multiple times that whatever Ryo and Shige are, friends is something they definitely are not.
Words: >4000

One day, Shige wakes up and finds he’s in love. With his band member. Nishikido Ryo.
Sho Cat

Don't knock (use the key)

Title: Don't knock (use the key)
Author: vinyaromeniel 
Pairing: RyoShige
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, Bar AU
Disclaimer: Don't own them, only the plot
Summary: What they had was good, it was okay, Shige thinks, but then he gets the key to Ryo's apartment. And suddenly everything changes.
Words: 3750
Note: for indian_monsoon 's birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY again. This is me apologizing for forgetting your birthday by writing you fic. I hope you like it. And I bet you never expected this haha
Written in the setting of my Bar AU Of laywers and security guards. You don't have to read this first, though it might help understanding the characters.

He knows the key from somewhere, remembers its shape, but he's more than sure that he never owned a key like that. )
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No interest in love

Title: No interest in love
Author: vinyaromeniel 
Pairing: RyoShige if you squint your eyes (sorry)
Genre: other
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing
Summary: Shige surpasses the 5 stages of grief after the breakup with his girlfriend. News help him get over it and he even finds something more.
Words: ~2800
Note: This goes completely nowhere and I swear I forgot how to write. Hope you like it anyway. And sorry for the weird ending haha

„I don't have any interest in love“ Shige says in the Duet crosstalk with Koyama and Massu.
yamapi goldfish fairy

You will always be my hero

Title: You will always be my hero
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: RyoPi
Genre: AU fluff, chibi!RyoPi
Rating: PG at most more like G
Disclaimer: Do not own anything
Summary: Yamapi remembers his childhood with Ryo.
Words: 2500
Note: I've wanted to write a RyoPi for a some time now but only Ryo's story here about him having been a complete adorable kid inspired me for something as a plot.
Also I assumed here that Ryo and Pi enter school at the same time even though I'm not entirely sure since school years start in April and it depends on whether Pi started school with 5 or 6.

It must have been around his second year in elementary school when Nishikido Ryo barged into his life.
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A Christmas Carol

Title: A Christmas Carol
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: RyoShige
Rating: G
Genre: AU fluff
Summary: Shige and Koyama work in a marketing company. As they get a new colleague Shige has to reconsider his opinions about both love and Christmas.
Words: ~3300
Note: I'm out of practise but I still wish you all a merry Christmas :)

Shige thinks it's stupid. This love at first sight thing.
Sho Cat

Through thick and thin

Title: Through thick and thin!?
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: KoyaShige, KoyaRyo
Genre: Fluff, angsty or something
Rating: very light R because of one scene.
Disclaimer: Do not own anything at all
Words: ~4700
Summary: Ryo gets drunk and Koyama spends the night. Suddenly his whole friendship with Shige tumbles down into pieces. Will Koyama be able to save their friendship?
Note: okay so I suck at the pairings, the title and the summary. How sad. This is my first time writing proper KoyaShige and.. well.. see for yourself. *sad faces* But please don't kill me. And I hope you're not getting sick of me posting fic every day haha

( They have been friends for what feels like forever. A life without Shige? Unbelievable for Koyama. )
Sho Cat

Shige/Pi: Unforgettable

Title: Unforgettable
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: ShigePi
Genre: AU, fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Do own the plot but not the guys
Summary: It's the tale of a guy who never gets remembered by anyone until the idol, everyone remembers and knows, steps into his life.
Word Count: ~5000
Note: Beta-ed by the awesome indian_monsoon.
Warning: Extremely cheesy and caries inducting. I recommend going to the dentist right after reading haha Possibly OOC. Sorry.

( He was one of the guys who was unreachable. For one Kato Shigeaki anyway. )
yamapi goldfish fairy

Massu/Pi: Smilemake

Title: Smilemaker
: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: MassuPi
Rating: G
Genre: Fluffy
Disclaimer: Do not own a thing including the title
Summary: Yamapi finds that after all, Massu is the one who makes him smile.
Note: This is my oh so very belated birthday fic for flipbookfrog and I apologize in advance for the time you had to wait and for the result. But it was worth a try, right? So please try to enjoy it anyway.

For the longest time Yamapi didn’t see it. When they said 'Massu’s the mood maker'
Sho Cat

Ryo/Shige: objection overruled

Title: objection overruled
Author: vinyaromeniel
Pairing: RyoShige
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Do not own a thing
Genre: AU, fluffy, angsty maybe
Summary: Shige and Ryo are childhood friends who lost each other when Ryo went of to university and find each other when Shige's client wants to sue Ryo's company. Will the story of their life after all have an happy ending in the end?
Word Count: 3700
Notes: from indian_monsoon 's prompt "RyoShige- Weeeek" and me watching too much Boston Legal. I apologize for this. Also for fairy_illusions because she wanted fic and funny enough I could say "Give me 5 minutes". Funny :D

( When Shige thinks about it, it sounds all too clich�d and fairytale-ish but nevertheless is it true. They basically grew up together, him and Ryo, Ryo and him. )