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Massu Strange Fruit

Fics Update


Author: kumohime102
Rating: N17
Pairing: Shige/OC, Tegomasu, Yamapi/Maki
Genre: Horror/Romance
Summary: When a group of mentally unstable people are the sanest people in a room, there is something wrong...

Chapter 19 // Chapter 20 Part 1   Part 2 // Chapter 21 // Chapter 22 //   Chapter 23  //   Chapter 24

Title: Unexpected
Author: kumohime102
Rating: PG15
Genre: Romance
Summary: Some of the best things in life are unexpected

Chapter 6  //   Chapter 7  //   Chapter 8


Title: The Girl on the Window
Author: kumohime102
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Yamapi/Maki (others may appear)
Genre: Romance/angst

Summary: What would you do to get something you've always wanted? What would you do to get someone you've always loved?


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[Drabble] White Rose

Title: White Roses!

Author: ily_chan

Fandom: News

Pairing: RyoxTego

Rating: G

Genre: Sentimental, slice of life

Warnings: Slash, Drabble

Summary: It 's birthday Tesshi and like every year receives his beloved white roses by his eternal and only love Ryo-tan!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, as you well know, the johnny's not mine ç_ç but belong to Johnny Kitagawa.

(It was the morning of his birthday, he woke up early and went into the kitchen..)


[One-shot] The cherry blossom story

Title: The cherry blossom story
Author: akaiyume_vinda
Characters: Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya (Tegomass)
Genre: Supernatural, Romance
Rating: PG-15 or R (?)
Warning: There will be a few suggestive scenes… I was aiming for mild smut
Summary: AU story. Massu actually isn’t thrilled about the flower viewing season, but that might change when he meets a blond man with pink highlights...

Part one~
(He flew through the air almost like a fluttering illusion… or perhaps it was because his clothes were reflecting the light in an unusual way?)

Part two~
("you’re… out of this world. I’ve never met anyone quite like you" )
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[fic] Dream Land

Title : Dream Land (Big Bang Challenge)
Pair: RyoKame (Odagiri Ryu/Aoi Ryosuke)
Genre: Slash, Romance. Suspense, Mystery
Rating : NC-17
Beta by: sweetspicyhot
Banner : krysyuy

Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya was having a dream about Aoi Ryosuke, Nishikido Ryo character in Orthros No Inu, but in his dream he was Odagiri Ryu. What happens when he falls in love with Ryosuke and but hates Ryo.

A/N: Happy Birthday Mommy D!!!! granity
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NEWS Party (One Shot)

Title: NEWS Party (One Shot)
Author: knytvsprncss
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kato Shigeaki X Tegoshi Yuya (sort of?), Masuda Takahisa and Koyama Keiichiro on the side.
Genre: Crack. Comedy. Some slash. A little sexual suggestive.
Summary: Shige wants to plot a revenge on Tegoshi, who often pranks Keichan. However brainy Shige is, things always goes out of hand, especially if he planned it.

Seems like Shige's plan is working.
Tego Ai no Matador

Multichapter - Asylum

Title: Asylum - Chapter 8
Author: kumohime102
Pairing: Shige/OC, Tegomasu, Yamapi/Maki
Genre: Horror/Romance
Summary: When a group of mentally unstable people are the sanest people in a room, there is something wrong....

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Tego Ai no Matador

[Multichapter] Asylum

Title: Asylum - Chapter 5
Author kumohime102
Beta wickedlaw
Rating: N17
Pairing: Shige/OC, Tegomasu
Genre: Horror/Romance

Summary: Shige wakes up in an insane asylum and the crazy people are not the worse things in it...

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Flawless Ryo

City of Verona

Title: City of Verona
Rating: PG13-15
Groups/Pairings: Pin (Yamashita Tomohisa/ Akanishi Jin), Ryoda (Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya) & ShirotaKame (Kamenashi Kazuya/Shirota Yuu) Cameos: Matsumoto Jun, Tsubasa, Koki, Nakamaru, Yabuto & OCs.
Word Count: 18k
Written for and betaed by: self_exchange: originally posted here
Summary: When human race faced the biggest threat of all times, Jin found what he has been looking for his entire life, unbeknown to him, it has always been at the reach of his hand.
Warnings: SCI FI, apocalyptic.
Notes: This fic is meant to be a gift for my friends, I dedicate this to them with all my love. Also the fic is set in a semi AU world (Jin isn’t married) in 2014. I took the name of the city inspired in Shakespeare’s most famous love story, so credits to him or Italy for putting such an awesome name to a city^^

City of Verona